Our Portfolio

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MECH Building Services Limited has the capability to provide services through a specialist air and mechanical engineering service team. This team provides complete solutions from initial design and project management work through to installation, servicing and maintenance.

Customer Base
MECH Building Services typical customer base is summarised below:

  • Private and NHS Trust Hospitals

  • Private and LEA Schools

  • Commercial properties

  • Management companies

  • Local Authorities

  • Elderly Persons Homes

  • Government establishments

  • Fire Stations

  • Police Authorities

  • Hotels

  • Facilities Managers

  • Food Processing Plants


MECH Ventilation Services
Typical Ventilation Hygiene contracts are summarised thus:

  • Airport - Cleaning ducted air systems

  • Shopping Centre - Cleaning ducted air systems

  • Facility Management Company - Indoor air quality assessments

  • Police - Monitoring & maintenance of A/C and ventilation systems

  • Managing Agent - Survey/cleaning ducted air systems and LEV's

  • Defence Contractor - Local exhaust ventilation testing

  • Home Office - Duct Air system cleaning and Monitoring of ventilation systems

  • Brewery